How to Create So Much They Can’t Ignore You

Alex Mathers
5 min readFeb 22


Isn’t the Internet great?

Never in human history have we had a better tool for getting our creative work in front of more people.

I’m now able to draw a picture on my iPad, and instantly share it to thousands via Twitter and Instagram. I may even pick up a few likes.

Disclosure: The Internet is NOT like a huge wee wee (or a bong for that matter).

The thing is, with such a wonderful, free tool, you’re not the only one doing it.

Millions of other bright-eyed artists are taking to the Internet to share their work too.

And so the challenge is not in the actual sharing of creative work, but in getting the attention it might deserve.

Attention is an extremely valuable currency in a world whose creators are clambering to be seen.

We need attention to have someone to create for in the first place.

We need attention to build a following; to make money; to gain recognition and to make a difference.

Most of us need some attention to maintain a shred of sanity as we work hard to bring beautiful things into the world, too.

I certainly know how hard it is to work hard to produce something, only for it to get a few measly views.

If it’s getting harder and harder to get noticed in a sea of talent, yet it’s easier than ever to reach people, how do we get more attention, more of the time?

There are a few ways, including paying for advertising and getting someone famous to endorse your work. These might work in the short term.

But in the interest of genuine, organic and long-term attraction and attention, you simply must create in high quality AND in high volume AND with consistency.

To borrow and place a spin on Steve Martin’s ‘Be so good, they can’t ignore you’ (with a mention to Dan Norris in his great book ‘Create or Hate’ for the reminder)…



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