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How to create a major unfair advantage for yourself

Alex Mathers
5 min readNov 26, 2023


It’s tough to make an impact with your creations these days. It always was, but these days especially.

You are a tiny grey dot in a sea of dots.

You work hard to create something fresh. You share it. It might get some interest and a few likes.

Big whoop.

You wonder whether you should give up. All this work for very little response is quite defeating.

It feels like you are running in a hamster wheel with ever greater intensity, but the same results.

To make a dent, to gain this ‘traction’ thing, you simply cannot be another grey dot. You have to be different in some way.

What is that way?

Something I’ve had to get comfortable with is the idea that those who succeed have ‘unfair’ advantages.

If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be such a thing as relative success, and we’d have nothing exciting to pursue.

I’m not talking about unfair in the sense of ‘injustice,’ though some do it that way too.

I’m talking about figuring out how to think and act in a way that combines wisdom and intensity so that you gain ground more quickly and efficiently than your furry, hamster-faced competitor.

This is your deserved unfair advantage, and it is what will add size and colour to your little grey dot.

Ok, so how?

Firstly, your primary mode should be that of exertion.

Most people are in either ‘ordinary’ (going at an average pace) or retreat (victim mentality, hiding, and low energy) modes.

To gain ground (and quicker than you think), you must exert in the right areas and double…triple down on those things. If you do what everyone else does, you will stand still or fall back.

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

— Will Rogers

Exertion is the only way to make ground in the torrent of the everyday.

Your approach must be to ‘expand and conquer,’ to attack your tasks free from distraction; to…