How to build an online brand your people want to binge

Alex Mathers
2 min readJun 6


Ever binged on a tv show?

It can feel like an addiction.

This is the power of good storytelling.

What made you want to keep watching?


You wanted to know what happened next.

But it’s not just any narrative that works.

We want to know whether the main character will overcome a challenge.

Will Jack survive the fall?

Will Betty pay her rent on time or get evicted?

Why do we care?

Because we see ourselves in the protagonist.

We’re wired to pay attention to perceived threats.

It’s a throwback to the days when Dong Dong ran around in leopard-skin loincloths.

We need to know that we can fight ‘enemies’ and win.

We need relief from pain.

If not, we lose.

Or we die.

No bueno.

So, if YOU can continually intrigue your followers and readers through story…

They will want to binge on you.

Those who do will buy everything you create.

So tell your story as you go.

Step up and be the hero, or pitch others as the hero.

What are your obstacles?

How are your clients overcoming obstacles?

How are you fighting your enemies?

What curious experiences are you having?

What are you learning?

Share little story snippets, and see it as a long-term game.

Allow your followers to piece together the gaps in their minds.

Bring your people into your battles, large and small.

Show them what’s possible.

Show them they can win.

This is how to build an addictive brand.


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