How to be unbelievably successful (in 392 words)

Alex Mathers


What is ‘success’ anyway?

For me, it’s having someone other than my parents, sister and my only two friends like something that I wrote on Facebook (no offence, mum!).

But some people will naturally want more than this.

So to this, I’d say:

  1. Find something at which you’re already winning. A talent. A small success made. Something you’re interested in. Something you’re good at.

Something you could become great at.

Decide on that one thing.

2. Commit to making that thing gut-wrenchingly outstanding, through…

3. …Dedicating at least 80% of the time you have available for ‘work’ on that thing, every day of the week, with a half-day break for an adventure.

4. Decide on exactly what your daily output will be in a given timeframe.

For example: ‘1000 words written between 7 am, and 10 am every darn day.’

Got it?

Now double your planned output in half that timeframe.

Now it’s a real stretch, but doable.

Work with urgency.

Always feel like there’s no way you’ll get this thing done as you go, and then surprise yourself by finding a way.

5. Do this thing daily whether you feel like it or not.

Often, you won’t feel like it but just start.

Make yourself accountable by getting someone to see if you’ve done what you said you’ll do. Or don’t. Just do it because your vision of who you’re becoming is exciting.

6. Do this for 66 days. Ideally in a row, so that it becomes a habit. They say it takes 66 days to internalise a habit, and I believe it.

7. Make sure that you grew a little bit at the end of each day: in character and skill.

8. Repeat. Allow your work to evolve, breath and grow as it needs to. Make ‘play’ the priority within your work process.