How making bigger bets might be scary, but you’ll know who you really are

Alex Mathers
2 min readJun 9, 2024

Most people live lives of quiet desperation.

Their fears keep them in line.

And they make safe, small bets, which lead to average results.

I’ve done this plenty in my time because I didn’t want to fail, be rejected or look like a moron.

This leads to:

  • Average product.
  • Average podcast.
  • Average relationship.
  • Average launch.
  • Average art project.
  • Average ebook.

Those who succeed make big bets and reinforce their bet with bold claims and bold plans.

Think now of some of your heroes who created remarkable things.

They were all ‘unreasonable.’

You need to be a bit of a maniac.

But that’s good.


Because tapping into your inner maniac is enlivening as all hell.

When you set bold targets, especially in public, you force yourself to live up to your heady bet.

It needs to get your heart rate up a little.