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How I went from awkward overthinker to more creative more of the time

Alex Mathers
3 min readMay 29


I’m in a cafe in Krakow, Poland.

I’m in my usual spot as people shove enormous croissants into their mouth holes.

I’m reflecting on how lucky I am to get to write and be a bit goofy for a living.

It hasn’t been without hard work and working on my mindset.

One of the things that continually held me back was overthinking.

The overthinking would lead to this low-level anxiety that stunted me further.

I’d continually grind my cogs as though running on the spot, paralysed by analysis.

I always had good reasons for why I wasn’t suited for this.

I created resistance to writing about certain topics.

I blocked myself from leaning into my projects and hitting ‘publish.’

Overthinking was spoiling my creative work, but it was also wrecking my confidence.

It made me awkward and self-conscious.

I lost out on so many opportunities.

It was when I found Eastern philosophies, Zen, Stoicism, and then ultimately ‘Three Principles’ teachings that I got a hold on my mind.

I internalised their ideas, and my humanity, peace, and energy returned.

I found my confidence.

It had never left, but it had been smothered.

I learned that mental wellness isn’t about control.

It’s not about techniques, either.

And it certainly isn’t about memorising bloody ‘frameworks.’

No one in the history of mankind has found a way to control their thoughts or think less.

No one has ever walked into a room and felt confident because they’d memorised how to behave according to a set of rules.

Instead, I learned the power that mere understanding had on my mind.

Everything changes when we understand how the mind spits out thoughts that we then experience as emotions.



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