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How I found freedom by working on my personal brand a little bit every day

Alex Mathers
2 min readJun 3


I’ll be honest.

I could be earning a lot more each month for my skills and experiences at my age.

Online money bros can make you feel like you’re falling short every day.

But I have all the freedom and money I need.

I don’t have money stress.

I get to write and publish stories every day.

I make art in the evenings.

I go on two-hour walks.

I go on adventures every couple of weeks (see pic).

I live in different countries every couple of years.

I have more peace of mind than I’ve ever had.

And I like not having to cold DM every day.

The work I’ve done on my online presence over the years has given me one thing for which I’m most grateful:


People email me every day for coaching help, and I often turn them down.

I’m in a place where money comes through while I sleep from my writing and the products I’ve built.

But I’ve only just touched the surface there.

My brand puts me in a strong position now to transition to an exciting phase:

Moving from a primarily service-based business to a product sales business.

I get to flex my creativity and self-expression muscles more on exciting projects.

It’s all possible when you are intentional about this.

Grow your online presence.

That’s the foundation.

Be a human online and show your story.

Have fun with it.

It should be something you look forward to doing.

Lift your peers as you grow.

Build a newsletter you fall in love with writing.

This gives you what few talk about in online business:


In Rakkcham, Northern India 2023


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