Here’s how you can make great money as a writer selling little courses in the next 5 years

(In 13 simple steps)

Alex Mathers
3 min readMay 29


I’m not gonna beat around the bush (or anyone’s bush, for that matter).

There’s enough I’ve picked up over years of writing online to know what’s working for me and what holds immense promise for us writers.

Listen in:

  1. You will commit to writing a shit load every week. You will stop whining, and you will freaking open a blank page and write about stuff that fires you the hell up. And you will share it even if it feels weird. In fact — better if it does.
  2. You will continue to write hard and frequently until you sprout little dragon wings. This is your voice emerging, and it is unmatched and different to anyone else out there. You’re learning what works best for you and what energises you.
  3. You get outside and finally get some sun on that oily complexion of yours and do a cheeky dance in the park to replenish creativity reserves.
  4. Share your writing and express your most badass being on social media platforms so you start attracting the attention of the people who get you. This won’t be everyone. You want to put out a bat signal for your tribe of nutters with writing that floats far and wide.
  5. Start a newsletter so you have a secure place away from social platforms. Share regularly here too. Yes, it’s a lot of writing, but who cares when you’ve figured out how to love sharing your ideas and letting loose through words.
  6. Give your readers a good reason to join your newsletter. You can create a little 2-page ebook to give away, for example. You can even set up an automated email sequence to sell something promoted in that sequence so you get a cha-ching when someone signs up.
  7. As you share and publish and interact with your tribe of crazies more and more, you’ll get a sense for the problems people have and how you can provide solutions. What content tends to attract interest and questions? These indicate topics you can teach.
  8. There are many ways to charge for teaching the implementation of your solutions. You could run a live cohort group. You could coach people one to one. I see an exciting…



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