Harsh truths about building a personal brand I know at 38 I wish I knew at 20

You won’t succeed long-term if you can’t manage your emotions.

Alex Mathers
3 min readMay 31


Being visible on the Internet is not always easy.

We can compare.

We can get frustrated.

The winners must learn to develop mental resilience.

You can’t outwork someone who’s enjoying themselves.

Everything can be enjoyed, and there is no right ‘path’ for you.

People don’t care about you or your clever words.

They care only about how you can help them.

Being ‘authentic’ is vital, but it isn’t about you.

It’s about helping your audience see themselves through you.

Have low expectations.

High expectations mean it will be easy. It won’t.

You will get bored and frustrated.

Expect that you need to do more and give more to see the success you want.

People, in general, will be happier to see you fail than win because your winning confirms their perceived inadequacy.

You’ll never please everyone, you will lose followers, and you will likely offend many.

This is actually a good thing.

You can produce great content and still fall flat because of algorithms.

This is part of working on the Internet and it isn’t always fair.

You must be willing to diversify across platforms, experiment and stay in the game even when your ego takes a hit.

Those you consider friends are often scheming for your downfall.

You must be open to this possibility, especially online.

You can lose your account and effort overnight.



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