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Fourteen ways to accelerate success in your life that few talk about

Alex Mathers
5 min readMar 2, 2024


It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. We can judge our progress to be slow and make it slower by escaping to cheap dopamine hits.

Often, it needn’t take much to get back on track and give what we are already creating a boost:

Run or join a weekly group mastermind.

We all have zoom. We’re all connected at the click of a button.

And yet, we’re lonely and stuck. Use the power of the Internet and peer support to create an advantage for all involved.

Use this meeting to hold each other accountable, share successes, and provide mutual support.

It doesn’t need to cost more than your Wi-fi.

Go on weekly adventures.

It’s easy to see adventures as frivolous — a waste of time at best, and dangerous at worst.

But adventures fuel the soul. We all need a change of scene with a dash of risk thrown in.

This will re-energise you and bring depth and experience to your work once you’re back to your desk.

Replace worry with action.

Many of us cling to worry because a part of us believes there is value in this.

We think we have some control on our lives when we ruminate on problems.

But — as we all know — doing so just makes us feel worse, which puts us at a disadvantage.

One of the best skills you can learn is letting go of worry and immediately replacing this with either breathwork or action, whether cleaning the house, walking or creating.

Connect with a mentor.

Most people are too shy to consider approaching a potential mentor for help.

It may take some asking to get through, but when you’ve found someone who can help save you hours or years of time and mistakes made, you’ll see why this was such a great move.

Lead a social event or community.

Good things come to those who lead, not least a sense of fulfilment.