Four steps to moving past disappointment:

Alex Mathers


Ever been disappointed?

Yeah, me too.

Been disappointed recently?

Yeah, same. Welcome to being human.

Disappointment doesn’t feel good. But here are ways to soothe your upset, and transform it into renewed energy:

1. See how it’s not a big deal

Things are a ‘big deal’ because we apply meaning to them. We say: ‘oh jeez, that was a big fail. I can’t believe they would do that to me.’

We make things more seemingly important through our language and our perspective.

But all perspective is malleable.

As such, we can turn a ‘big deal’ into a not so big deal.

Find ways right now to see how that big deal isn’t a big deal at all.

You will find it.

2. Use it as fuel

All ‘disappointment’ can be filtered into a clean form of fuel.

How can what happened be used to switch on your turbo-chargers to create momentum and positive change in your life?

Girl dumped you? Good. She wasn’t the one, and you are now driven to improve yourself.

Disappointment can eat us up inside, or it can power us forward.


3. Find the inspiration

What could this incident inspire in you?

When we are stewing in disappointment, our channels are blocked.

We’re more susceptible to making more poor decisions. Our minds are busy, and we are closed to resourcefulness.

Give yourself a moment to sit with the feeling. Use this as an opportunity to connect with your body and your senses.

You will find just by slowing down and sitting with your feelings, the disappointment will fade — replaced by inspiration.

What did you discover?

4. Find the funny

Disappointment is a decision we’ve made to take life seriously.

We create disappointment.

We can also create humour and light-heartedness.

You are incredibly resourceful. Can you find what’s funny in the disappointment?

Smile and move on.

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