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Five uncommon tips that help you quickly stop doubting yourself

Alex Mathers


Here are five ideas I always return to whenever I experience the human sense of doubt.

Internalising these helps me take on life’s challenges from a healthy, confident state…

1. Doubt is human.

For many of us, it can feel isolating when we have doubts about our capabilities.

One of the worst things you can do is to buy into the idea that you’re totally separate from everyone else — that you’re unique in your insecurities.

We’re all going through doubts, no matter how seemingly together we seem — please trust me on this. Doubt isn’t reserved for a select few weirdos.

A sense of doubt is a normal human response to existence and our growth within that reality.

Whether we allow doubt to slowly cripple us is another issue, but don’t believe you’re the only one.

When we know this is an innately human condition, we sense our connection with each other.

We can look straight into the eye of another man and know he too can doubt.

This will lift you.

2. Doubt is a thought.