Fear diminishes when you look directly and calmly at the thing you fear

Alex Mathers
2 min readJun 10


People get scared because they think fear comes from the things around us.

The monster under the bed.

The landlord with hairy pits and bad breath.

That upcoming interview seems scary, too — but it is not the source of your fear.

The fear we feel is really the feedback felt from a tapestry of thoughts and visions.

The mini-punch in our upper gut when we remember the speaking engagement next Thursday…

That’s you scaring yourself in your mind’s eye.

So fear is an illusion.

It is what shows up in the dim theatre of our minds when we look away from the thing we fear.

Because when we look directly at the thing…

When we speak into it and towards it.

When we open the box.

When we walk into that office.

When we smile in its general direction…

A curious thing happens.

We see it for what it is.

Not an illusion.

A manifestation of atoms, judgement free.

Data held buzzing in the ever-swirling beauty of the matrix.

Moving towards your fears isn’t sadistic.

It’s the best way to diminish the illusion and be player one in the game of your life.


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