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Eleven things I do to help me write articles faster than 95% of people

Alex Mathers
4 min readMar 2, 2024


People often ask me:

‘Yo, Alex, my dude, how do you publish more than like 10 new posts each week?’

I write an article pretty much every day — sometimes, it’s two.

Many of my threads, newsletters and articles are written in less than fifty minutes.

Speed isn’t always the answer, but combining writing speed with consistency has been the best thing for my growth and brand.

Here are 11 things I do to help me write articles and threads faster than 95% of people:

I write about things I think about all the time.

Writing becomes an extension of what I already obsess over: human behaviour, my personal stories, communication, branding, online business, and confidence… so writing it all down is easy.

I have one lesson in mind per piece.

Writing gets complicated when there are 9 things you’re trying to convey.

Start by identifying one problem and one lesson to teach.

You can break it down into several pieces, as I do with threads.