Eleven subtle habits of the introverts with the most self-respect

Alex Mathers


So you’re an introvert, eh? Or maybe you know one and would like to know more about how an introvert can better navigate a world that is often not easy for us.

Here’s what I learned after decades of struggle as an INFJ and what I did to help me thrive (more of the time):

Own their preferences.

Allow yourself to go for, have and even flaunt what you believe society thinks is odd or unacceptable.

You must be careful here because it would be so easy for me to say, ‘Yo, introvert! Go and do what you want, and ignore the rest! Yassss, beeech!’

Uh, great, but that’s not the whole picture.

If you followed this advice to a tee, you’d be stuffing your face with doughnuts all day, and watching Friends re-runs in your favourite snoopy pants.

Do those things that gel with you, but use your Instinct as a guiding accomplice. If it feels right, and healthy and nourishing, do it. But you may also need balance.

For example, if you choose to live in a cabin in the woods for a while, make sure you get some social interaction into your month too.

Care for their appearance.