Eleven good reasons to write and share a daily article

Alex Mathers


Many aspiring writers or those who’ve been doing it for a while might say that writing and publishing a new article every single day is too much.

Obviously, this is a subjective view that depends on many variables, including how much time you’re able to spend writing each day.

But I say it absolutely is worth it.

I say this because I have gazillions of reasons why it’s a freaking great idea.

Here are some:

Audience and newsletter growth.

One of the most compelling reasons why I write something daily with the intention of publishing it online is so I can add new subscribers to my newsletter.

I am currently growing several Substack newsletters.

A newsletter is key because you have a far greater degree of ownership over your followers compared to flimsy gone (maybe) tomorrow platforms like Twitter.

When I write threads or articles, you’ll see I link to my newsletter at the end.

My newsletter growth fuels my passion for writing articles.

Challenge yourself.

Every time I sit my butt down to write today’s article is me answering the call from the…