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Eight uncommon daily rituals that will set you apart from 98% of people

Alex Mathers


Some ancient dude once said, ‘we are what we repeatedly do.’

What if you repeatedly did things that barely anyone else did?

But I don’t mean walking through the streets nude every day.

Here are some uncommon daily rituals that will set you apart in a good way:

Connect with your true self.

Whether you want to call this ‘God’ or ‘Universe’ or ‘Creative Energy,’ or whatever, few of us connect spiritually anymore.

And it’s turning us into miserable and degenerate dicks.

Most of us believe our thoughts are all there is. Not so.

There is so much more that sits beneath our egoic mind. Go there via prayer or meditation daily.

You will have an edge like a god has an edge.

Walk tall like you just fought off six ninja assassins.

I don’t give a rat’s asshole how ‘few achievements’ you believe you’ve had.

We’re all living, walking miracles.

Act like it and your brazen badassery will feed into your subsequent actions.