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Eight traits shared by those who avoid growing bitter as they get older

Alex Mathers


I see many people whose bitterness correlates directly to how many years they’ve been alive.

If you plotted it on a map, it would be an upward-leaning line.

I sometimes catch myself getting tighter and angrier, and I see bitterness in many people I know.

I don’t want to be that guy, and neither do you. You lose the most in the end, and your health will suffer.

Here are some traits I’ve observed in those who buck this trend:

1. Refuse to blame.

Bitterness is a victim-mentality trait.

You can’t see yourself at the mercy of the people and the world around you and be happy and optimistic simultaneously.

It takes a concerted effort to take the ownership route and never blame your circumstances for your pains. Everything you have in your life results from a sequence of choices YOU made.

It’s on you, butthead, so quit moaning.

You’ll be so much happier when you quit blame like you quit nicotine.

2. See how we’re all connected.

The most bitter people I know all believe they’re different to others and, because of this…