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Eight secret psychology mantras that make you a money magnet

Alex Mathers
4 min readSep 26


Ideas can make or break your progress.

Most of us think we’re struggling to find the best money-making system, and because we haven’t, that’s why we’re not making money.

In most cases, no.

It’s your mind that’s getting in the way. Your thinking can sabotage you from making good money, from youth to old age.

The following ideas can be repeated to open you up to money-creation in a healthy, fun and empowering way.

Let’s stack that paper:

1. I am ok with losing money.

Most people tie money to their self-worth. So they are terrified of losing it.

You can’t possibly make money if you can’t stomach the idea of losing money.

Making money always takes some degree of risk.

Embrace the idea that you’ll be just fine if you lose money.

2. Making money shows I’m making a difference.

When people pay you, they are essentially thanking you for improving their lives. Money is not evil. It is a sign you are improving the world.

The more you make, the more of a positive impact you make.

3. Who has my money?

When we get clear about the source of our money, we start getting creative about ways to exchange value for money with the right people.

Who are those people who stand to fall in love with the products and services you provide?

Where are they?

What do they look like?

How can you get in front of them?

4. I am at peace with making a shit ton of money.

Many of us create major conflict internally because we think there’s something tasteless about making it.

We are brought up to associate money-creation with greed. Up to you, but you’ll never create wealth that way.

How about seeing money as a tool to improve not only your own life, but the lives of those around you?



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