Don’t get stuck in your emotions. Have a system instead…

Alex Mathers


‘Creativity’ may sound like it’s the product of a floaty, loose and undisciplined approach.

We may imagine artists lying about all day, scribbling thoughts down when the passion strikes.

But we rarely hear of them because the true creative maniacs who see long-term results operate within a rigid system.

It’s how they came to be seen, recognised, and heard in the first place. Systems help you make real impact.

And the absence of a good system for you is why you spend too much time in your head, in your emotions, and in procrastination.

A system ensures action is taken consistently, regardless of your long-term goals.

A system points to the type of work you do, how it’s done, when it’s done, why it’s done, and for how long it’s done each day.

It might take some years to figure out what this is, and it will likely evolve, but a system ensures several benefits:

• You show up to create every day, no matter how you feel.

• The propensity to wander off and get distracted is limited.

• You benefit exponentially over time from accumulated and sustained output.

Here’s the funny thing about systems…

We’ve all built one for ourselves, no matter what our lives look like. Yes, you have.

We have all knowingly — or unknowingly — built a system that is giving us the results we are currently getting.

A system needn’t always be a positive one. You may well have created a system that ensures you continually struggle. That’s ok — you just need to bring some awareness to this, and reflect on what you can do to improve this current system.

No system will be perfect, but you do want to have a system that’s continually being worked on, tweaked and improved.

An element of my system that works for me, for example, is to sit down at the start of every day and write for at least an hour. Another component of my work is to finish what I start. These are two ‘rules’ that sit within my system that point me towards my priorities each day.