Do the right thing consistently, over doing lots of things right (this changes everything)

Alex Mathers


It’s tough when it feels like we’re falling behind.

I’ve often wondered why it’s worth it at all — to put in all this time and energy, for few results, and little to no traction.

People aren’t interested enough.

Everyone else is a million times more talented anyway.

The industry seems to be getting more and more competitive. Is there even a need for another voice?

These results and these questions make us doubt ourselves. With fewer wins, our motivation slows. This makes it less likely that we will put in energised work to create the momentum we need.

We worry, and we panic.

And this leads to making even worse, foggy decisions, creating a downward spiral…

What’s the root of the problem here, and how can we get past this?

My answer is that we make things harder for ourselves by trying to do too much.

We are smitten by ever-expanding choice.

We are buying jam, sour snakes, yoghurt, and peaches when we only came to buy a carton of milk.

Being humans, we tend to be awful at restricting choice in the interest of…