Being different used to destroy me — now it gives me the greatest edge

Alex Mathers


Growing up, I hated feeling like I was different.

My thinking like this added to my awkwardness as a teenager.

It limited me and kept me insecure.

But today, I look for every part of me that’s different, and — instead of suppressing it — I magnify it.

A mistake I made growing up was thinking that different was bad.

Today, in a world where everyone competes to be seen, to stand out — to differentiate…

Being different is an opportunity.

This is magnified by the reality that most people are subconsciously trying to fit in.

But being like everyone else puts you behind.

Demonstrating what makes you unlike others adds texture to your story and colour to the memories others have of you.

Most people don’t realise it, but people don’t attach themselves to you for what you know.

They resonate with you for who you are.

And if you’re just like everyone else, why would someone choose you over Majestic Michael over there?

Reflect on what makes you different today.

Go deep and enjoy the process of picking out your weird bits.

How can you bring more of that out?

This will make you magnetic to your people.


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