Ask this one question as you go through your day to gain an unfair advantage

Alex Mathers
2 min readSep 24


Working for myself now for over a decade has shown me something valuable:

I need to be my biggest supporter.

I don’t have a boss to encourage me to do the work.

I may have a coach and I have worked with great mentors.

But ultimately, when I’m sitting at my desk, cup of tea steaming, and it’s just me and a blank page…

It’s just me and my inner drive.

And very often, I’m just not clear on what to do and how to do it.

And so I ask questions.

I self-coach often.

I self-motivate when I’m stuck and bored and tired.

I frequently ask myself a powerful question among many others:

What is one thing I will do that will make the rest of this day worthwhile?’

I love this question because it brings me right back into the moment. I’m jolted out of the land of illusion, and fears and dark thoughts.

I’m here, face to face with ONE thing that matters.

It forces me to prioritise instantly. All the wasteful stuff falls to the side, and the prize gems rise to the top.

It reminds me that anything and everything worth doing is done one step at a time, with focus and presence.

That’s all we can do.

So forget the complexity of clever systems for one moment, and ask this narrowing question:

What’s worth doing most of all right now?

What would make this day worthwhile?

What matters more than anything else?

Ask the right questions, and your inner spirit will come to attention, delivering you with exactly what you need to know.


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