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I still feel like a beginner.

I still feel mostly clueless.

I still get scared and dread things.

For the most part, things are hopeful. I’m productive, I’m exercising enough, feeling positive, and I am grateful for what I have.

I can experience moments of brilliance, where I feel like…

What I learned about writing stuff people WANT to read:

I’ve been writing every day for at least fourteen years.

I share almost everything I write on social media. I wrote hundreds of articles, thousands of tweets, and several books to barely anyone at the start.

Over the years, I’ve gathered tens of thousands of readers who regularly write to…

I’ve always said that our experience of life depends entirely on how we see things.

We have the power to change our perspective and behaviour instantly. When we do, our experience can instantly change.

When we find ways to enjoy life, we have more energy, are more creative, enjoy other…

Alex Mathers

Coach, writer and Illustrator. Mind, body, spirit. Clients: Google, Mars, Wired. More: ; Illusory book:

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