8 years as a psychology coach taught me this one secret to writing content people love

Alex Mathers
3 min readJun 2


Many struggle to make any impact online at all.

You share your ideas, and your posts just don’t fly.

All that work for three measly likes.

It’s annoying as all hell.

I know because I wrote posts for a year before anyone gave a rat’s ass.

After sharing thousands of posts, I write to over 200,000 followers and subscribers.

Every article I wrote helped me iterate closer to writing things people enjoyed.

So, why do some creators do so well, and others fall flat?

In 14 years of writing online, I’ve seen several variables that contribute.

Interestingly, my work as a psychology coach had the greatest positive impact on my writing.

I’ve coached hundreds to overcome anxiety and self-sabotage for over eight years.

I learned that we get anxious and our creativity is blocked when self-conscious.

I also saw this very clearly in my own anxiety.

Self-focused = Low-performance.

We feel more joy and well-being when we’re not thinking about ourselves so much and adopting what I call a ‘leader’s mind.’

Other-focused = High-performance.

Thinking of others and being of service is what leaders do.

Wanting to be liked and trying to impress is what losers do.

It’s a matter of orientation.

And so it is with great writing.

Secret = Great writing flows from a leader’s mindset, which increases your performance.

It’s why you can follow a supposedly winning writing template and flop.

If you are energised, your writing will be better because your readers feel the energy and see you genuinely care.

If you are focused on genuinely helping people, you will be energised.

So, ask yourself, ‘What would truly help, lift, or entertain others?’



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