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8 behaviours that instantly increase your perceived value

Alex Mathers
4 min readDec 23, 2022


People make snap judgements about who they think you are based on extremely subtle cues.

That’s how it is, but we can take advantage of this aspect of human nature.

Here are some small ‘superficial’ changes you can make to increase your perceived value, status and respectability:

1. Straighten up your posture a fraction.

Just the tiniest shift by standing a little taller, sitting up, and injecting a sense of pride into your general demeanour will do two things.

Firstly, people will sense the difference and associate you with higher status, even if there’s nothing else contributing to this idea.

We’re still basically chimps in clothes.

The leader of the pack walks tall and a little slower.

Secondly, you will feel higher status, which creates a self-fulfilling loop of general badassery.

Walk tall.

2. Smile less.

Ok, wise guy — I didn’t say don’t smile at all, so don’t give me shit for this. Also, this applies far more to men than women.

A non-smiley man is mysterious and often sexy to ladies.

Not the case for women.

If you NEVER smile, however, regardless of sex, you just seem miserable and thus lower in social standing.

However, if you’re sparing with your smiles, you actually come across as more authentic — they did studies on this.

Plus, when you DO smile, its effect is magnified, which melts hearts.

3. Physical looks.

You must look your best physically, given the cards you were dealt.

I’m sorry that human nature is the way it is and things aren’t fair, but nature is not fair.

There is a lot, however, we can do to improve our looks through losing that extra weight, reducing alcohol for better skin, getting a haircut, fixing our teeth, and so on.

You need to do whatever you can and whatever it takes to look physically more attractive.



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