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6 simple tips that make you immune to disappointment

Alex Mathers
2 min readMay 28


I’ve spent a considerable amount of time analysing myself and others with a view to better managing in this chaotic world.

I’ve learned that people who seem to be luckier and more successful than most are able to move past inevitable disappointments quickly.

Here are some ways to do that:

Do not stagnate.

The best way to ensure you stew in worried thoughts following a disappointment is to sit around and do little.

Lack of motion will invite overthinking. Have the courage to do something — anything.

Taking action in something will lift your spirits and provide you with solutions fast.

Find the lesson.

Disappointed can be seen in two ways: a source of shame and frustration, or a teaching that can improve our lives.

Those who get far always find the lesson in perceived mistakes.

That’s how you double up and get back on your feet quickly.

Go for a walk.

Walks provide an ideal environment in which to decompress without overexertion while encouraging insights to float up in our minds.

If you’ve had a setback, you likely need an idea of what to do next.

Go on a walk, don’t force anything, and you will likely get your answer, like a bulb switched on in the cavern of your mind.

Use it as fuel.

Mistakes can be like little energy capsules. We can be knocked back, winded from the shock.

Or we can take a moment to catch our breath and see this as the

Universe encouraging you to dig in, get strong, and change your situation. Over to you.

Realise the truth.

When we’re disappointed, it’s easy to fall for the illusion that our circumstances made us disappointed.

But this isn’t true at all. Our interpretation of what happened made us feel disappointed. We create everything from the inside.

As creators, we can also create our freedom.



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