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17 ideas for 10-minute-a-day side hobbies

Alex Mathers
3 min readFeb 21, 2024


We get it. You’re super busy and don’t have time for stuff outside of making money.

But who said taking time in parallel to your work to do something extra-curricular and soul-nourishing needed to take hours?

Try these:

Writing flash-fiction.

Write a piece of fiction 100 words long. Share it on Medium or Simily.

Take 10-second short film clips.

Become known for them. Make them cinematic. Apply tilt shift so that everything looks miniature and cool.

Keeping fish.

Get a tank, learn about the fishies and algaes and populate it with an alive underwater world.

Quick watercolours of your surroundings.

Share them with us on Instagram. Build a following.

Get great at pull-ups.

Pull-ups sound like hell to most people, but when seen as a daily hobby, it takes on a different feel.

Get a bar and start with one a day. Progress from there.


Crosswords aren’t only for the grey hairs.