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15 ways to re-use your content so you save time and gather more followers

Alex Mathers
4 min readFeb 25, 2024


People have asked me how I can be such a creative maniac and put out so many posts each week, whether on Medium, my newsletter, Twitter, or elsewhere.

One of my secrets is to re-use old ideas and repurpose previously shared posts.

My process is basic, and often I simply reshare an older post in it’s original form. I may tweak some parts to update it, including the header. There’s still a lot more variety and creativity I can bring to repurposing and recycling posts and ideas.

When we do this intelligently, we have what I call more ‘content surface area’ across the web, which means we bring more attention and more people to our products and messages.

And we can do this without needing a clever new idea each time. Repetition is your friend, and often your audience need to know what’s worth hearing several times.

Use the following ideas to trigger some ideas of your own:

Update and republish evergreen content.

This is predominantly the approach I have been using to beef up my outgoing content.

Refresh and update older content to keep it relevant, then republish it to attract new followers and engage existing ones.

Extrapolate long-form material into several pieces of shorter form content.

This is an idea taken from a friend of mine, Dan Koe.

Streamline your entire process by first focusing on writing longer form material — this can be your newsletter, for example.

Now you have a good amount of material you can work with to extrapolate new content, re-using the ideas already present in the original article. Dan takes his newsletters and turns them into articles, tweets, videos and podcasts.

This is also an approach taken by an equally successful content creator with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Create infographics from articles.

Transform articles with statistical or data-driven content (or others, if you’re super creative) into visually appealing…