15 filthy little tricks the most creative people don’t want you to know about prolific productivity

Alex Mathers
4 min readNov 24, 2023


Ever wondered how some people seem to almost effortlessly crank out an ungodly amount of creative work, and others, well…they struggle to get barely 5% of that going out?

I’m not always prolific. It’s been up and down.

But there’s enough I’ve learned that I can reliably use to rekindle a lost spark:

Stop looking for focus, or productivity or avoiding procrastination or any of that crap.

It’s overwhelming. All you need to create is momentum.

This means getting your lazy ass into motion.

You must be relentlessly intolerant to negative and doubtful thoughts.

Thoughts needn’t be obeyed or trusted. They can nag away, but you don’t need to listen.

You can just get back to work like a badass work warrior — and when you do, those thoughts fade.

Be ok with creating a lot.

Most people are deathly avoidant of doing work because it looks too much like hustle and strikes them as a waste of time. But you see things differently.

You’ve chosen the thing you can both enjoy and make money from and now you’re hell for leather on that thing.

Fall in love with ten X and volume.

Picasso made like 50,000 paintings and sculptures for heaven’s sake.

Be like Picasso and fall in love with producing ridiculous amounts of stuff.

This also takes the pressure out of trying to make any one piece brilliant.

Create, then move on. There’s a thousand more pieces left.

Stop whining, let go of your inner demons, and create something.

Go for long, unadulterated walks without music every single day.

Suck in life’s rich beauty.

Make this a non-negotiable session to set your health right and tidy up your confused…