14 tips for head-turning writing you won’t find in any writing manual

Alex Mathers


Fourteen years of writing online, mostly crap, with a few gems, has taught me much.

You will not read this in any formal writing guide.

Enter at your own risk…

Don’t share if it’s not awkward.

Share pieces that make you a little nervous. We live at a time where few speak the truth for fear of being politically incorrect.

The messages we see in the media and lots of content are smothered in delusion, wrapped in an additional layer of bullshit. People are ravenous for honesty.

Say what few dare say. Don’t get yourself banned — tread with awareness and grace — but don’t let that be an excuse to avoid being real.

Readers flock to those with courage.

Don’t be consistent.

Consistency is boring.

It’s almost as dull as: ‘discipline.’ Yawn.

Instead, be relentless.

When you bring a warrior-like energy to even your daily writing, everything changes.

Consistency becomes effortless and inevitable. Attack with words. Show the world you mean business until they can’t help but gather around.

Write shit.

Stop trying to write a damn masterpiece off the bat. Write total crap. Put all of that rubbish on the page.

Yes sir. Now we’re talking. We’re not giving a live performance — take advantage of that.

You can work in the shadows to start and edit later. When you give yourself permission to write poorly, everything becomes easy. Now you’re in flow.

Give us your best.

Am I contradicting myself?

No. Don’t release average filler just because you plan to give us your best stuff behind a paywall, or in a newsletter. Everything you share must be your best. Start writing crap, but keep writing until your words become pure power and your eyes water.

Forget perfection, but make it great upfront when you publish.

Sexually transmute.