14 habits that make you more focused than 98% of people

Alex Mathers


What’s the deal with staying focused?

Here are some ideas I’ve picked up over decades of procrastination and spreading myself too thin:

1. Know the difference between being overloaded and overwhelmed.

When we’re overloaded, we need to do less. When we’re overwhelmed, we need to think less and do more.

2. Continually ask: ‘how can I do more with less?’

Then apply your answers to your life.

3. Be ruthlessly intolerant to multitasking.

Trying to do more than one thing at a time massively decreases your effectiveness at any one thing.

Do one thing at a time.

4. Write your goals down every day.

The act of physically writing them, whether short-term ‘process’ goals like writing daily or longer-term goals, cements them in your awareness.

5. Rely less on stimulants for focus and more on your default natural focus.

Most of us are so jacked up on sugar, carbs and coffee that we forget what effortless focus really is.

6. Prioritise enjoyment.

You can’t outwork someone who is enjoying themselves.

The most in-flow productive people find a way to enjoy what they’re doing, no matter what.

7. Understand the glycemic index (GI).

High GI foods like bread, white rice and crackers will spike insulin, leading to a crash that lowers your mood.

Low GI foods allow you to maintain a stable mood and 10x your focus throughout the day.

8. Avoid cheap dopamine.

Stimulants like porn and video games are frying your dopamine receptors.

This means your motivation for ‘everyday’ things like writing becomes difficult.

9. Stop making everything personal.