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13 naughty secrets that will propel you into the top 2% of online writers

Alex Mathers
4 min readJun 6, 2023


In anything you do in life, you’re in either one of two modes:

  1. You’re creating a disadvantage for yourself through a poor habit, OR:
  2. You’re creating an ‘unfair’ advantage for yourself through a helpful action or habit.

You’re lying to yourself if you expect life to be ‘fair,’ and some actions create more of an advantage than others.

Here are some helpful habits I’ve used as a writer to get me that ‘unfair’ advantage over the years:

1. Write at least 250 words every day.

Share it publicly as much as you can.

Do this even if you don’t feel like it. This act of daily accumulated words is like paying yourself before the bank takes your cash.

If you do it and follow through with it day after day, you will have the edge over 95% of your competition.

2. Join a community.

Free or paid, or create your own.

Speak to — and become known by other writers, so you can help each other out with the lessons you’ve learned.

Writing can be lonely, so having this helps. Have others give you accountability.

Share your wins, and promote each other’s work.

3. Write about stuff you’re obsessed with.

Stop writing about stuff that merely ‘interests’ you.

Your advantage lies in tripling down on what you love geeking out about. What is that for you? (Comment below).

Write more about that.

4. Fall in love with prolific.

An interesting thing happens when we start writing in big volumes.

Our writing gets seen by more and benefits from exponential improvement. We become insanely creative, and our confidence grows. We become more efficient and procrastinate less.

Many think writing a lot loses you time. It is one of the most efficient things you can do. Write four books a year, not one every five years.