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13 naughty daily habits that make you feel like a happy Spartan King

Alex Mathers
5 min readOct 4


Society wants you weak, depressed, submissive and docile.

Stop whining, and go against the grain.

Here’s how to feel incredible, so we can all dine in hell together:

Adopt the leadership mode.

The perpetually depressed see themselves as a leader last. They’re waiting for sympathy.

They sulk and they tell everyone about how sad their lives are. Shut your face.

Get up, get dressed, and do something to make someone else feel better, even if you feel like utter turd doing it.

It’s a habit. Everything changes when you adopt the persona of a leader.

Slow down and simplify.

Slow your physical movements and speak slower.

You make life easier for yourself when you create space to see what most miss.

Slowing is to simplify. So is cutting the extraneous fat from a complicated life schedule. You’re not a circus monkey.

Focus on the essential handful of things that energise the shit out of you. Ditch the rest.

No release for at least 2 weeks.

If you possess a pair of nuts, you will benefit greatly by conserving your seed. After a few days, the energy this produces will astound you.

Yes, I get it — you married guys want to keep fooping Doreen — if she lets you.

But just know the power of sexual transmutation.

Stop fiddling your trouser ferret to blue-haired cosplay tarts on the Internet like a low-T weirdo.

Your ancestors are turning in their graves, watching you, judging you hard through dismayed eyes.

After 30 days, your third eye will be fully open and you’ll be Universal energy fully charged.

Lift heavy weights 3 times a week.

Cardio is great, but there’s nothing like the testosterone rush you get from dedicating your life to honing a body of steel in the weights room.



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