12 reasons to get my latest book: The Art of Self Respect — Twenty-five subtle habits for cultivating deep self-respect and attracting the respect of others

Alex Mathers


I wrote a new book!

Many years of writing articles here on Medium showed me the strong appetite many of you have to learn how to explore your potential and live with more pride and peace.

Many of you have challenges in relationships, at work, and in experiencing a more confident, fulfilling life in general.

These are all things I argue are tied to a sense of self-respect and self-identity, which is why I wrote this book.

Much of what I learned is rooted to my personal experiences of frustration, anxiety, and self-doubt and how I turned that around.

Here are some reasons you want to buy this book today (plus it would help me out immensely as an author):

  • Understand the connection between a healthy self-identity and your daily habits. The book shows you exactly what habits you need to incorporate into your day for this to drastically improve.
  • The book is entertaining and funny and can be read quickly.
  • Learn how to be immune from criticism and rejection.
  • Develop habits that bring you respect.
  • Learn which habits set you apart and make you more interesting.
  • Improve your relationships so they last, and you avoid drama.
  • Find ways to realise the deep self-confidence you always had.
  • Understand why being ‘fake nice’ is holding you back in life, and keeping you depressed.
  • Commit to a more purposeful and fulfilling daily life.
  • Nurture habits that make you instantly more likeable. This book is primarily focused on helping you develop and realise your own self-respect, but it will do a lot to improve how others see and interact with you too.
  • Learn how to quickly shift your self-image, so you feel better about yourself.
  • Avoid the bad habits that leave you open to manipulation and being taken advantage of.