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12 quick tips to help you become more consistent than 97% of people

Alex Mathers
4 min readMay 23


Ever wondered why some people are seemingly effortlessly consistent?

Here are some ideas on how you can propel yourself, and create more so you build your brand, grow your audience and make an impact:

1. Get over your fear of ‘overdoing it.’

A quiet voice tells us: ‘don’t do too much, you’ll rock the boat,’ ‘be careful, you don’t want to intrude on other people.’

Get stuffed, Marjorie.

We have one life.

We need to let go of the fear of annoying some people. It’s inevitable, but so is your genius.

We are literally composed of the same creative energy that holds the moon in place. Why would you hold back? Do more.

2. Think prolific abundance, not ‘quality.’

You sweat over your work and ultimately fail to ship because you’re making each piece a big deal.

Focus on producing hundreds of items, and the frightening significance is drained from any one thing.

Aim for 90% perfect, ship, and move on.

Your ‘90%’ will get better and better the more you publish.

3. Independent of outcome.

Those who are inconsistent rely on the outcome first. They write for a few weeks, don’t see the results they want, and give up.

The insanely consistent find a way to enjoy the process first regardless of the outcome.

If it flops: ‘great! I get to do it again tomorrow.’

4. Make commitments in blood.

Inconsistent people don’t commit.

And if they have, they don’t follow through because it was never a commitment that had pain attached to its non-fulfilment.

You need to make firmer agreements and ensure that missing a day represents some kind of personal pain, whether it be telling the bad news to your coach or accountability partner, losing money on the line, or not receiving that reward.

5. Be a relentless freak.



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