11 little behaviours that make you instantly immune from giving an F about what others think

Alex Mathers
2 min readOct 3


I’ve given many shits about what people think all my life.

It made me depressed and attracted even more disrespect.

It never felt good, so I did everything possible to learn about not giving an F.

1. First, know that not giving an F is not about being anti-social.

It’s about accepting reality and being OK with it.

When we’re OK, we are happier, which benefits the people around us.

2. Let go of taking yourself so seriously.

Self-esteem is something you’ve made up in your head. Use your common sense, but don’t allow your need to look perfect pollute your joy.

3. Put your attention on making others feel good and more empowered.

Now the attention is OFF you, and you’ll be less self-conscious.

4. Know that people are just as weird, fucked up, and insecure as you.

No exceptions. NO exceptions.

We are all connected in this, and this is soothing.

5. You will offend people no matter what stance you take.

Accept this, speak with heart, and learn to be OK with the reality that people will dislike you.

6. Your performance and flow go DOWN when you’re self-conscious.

The antidote to self-consciousness?

Stop trying anything. You don’t need a clever ‘mindset.’ You need to relax.

7. Act the part.

Lean into the part of you unaffected by other people’s opinions of you.

You can find that side of you.

You need to be open to the idea that this part of you exists.

8. The most relaxed people don’t care that they don’t have all the answers.



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