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10 ideas to energise the way you write so you attract thousands of loyal fans.

Alex Mathers
4 min readJun 9


Let’s take a look…

1. Write loose first.

Most of us quiver in our socks because we’re trying to write like freaking Hemingway off the bat.

Lol. Stop it.

Why are you trying to run up the steepest part of Everest, while I’m over here taking cat steps up this little hill?

Make it easy and write total nonsense for a while. Write like no one’s watching.

Loosen up.

You can always cut and edit.

Now you have a flow going, and this will lead to good, great and masterful.

2. Write as therapy.

Just as you might set aside time to meditate, run, make art or do yoga each day, you can treat writing as a form of catharsis.

If we view writing as a ‘dull chore,’ guess how that will influence your vibe?

How about using it as a form of release and daily self-awareness?

Approach it free of the pressure to write anything ‘good,’ and just write to pull words out of your head.

Do it to feel lighter, and you will float.

3. Be aggressive.

Sit still for a moment and allow your inner dragon to rise from its smokey slumber.

The little bastard is in there — you just need to nudge him awake. Write a little more so he flutters his wings and coughs flames. Turn off Coldplay and put on some filthy UK dubstep or Ice Cube.

Channel that beautiful assertive energy into your words.

Poke your reader in the eye through the page.

4. Write as exploration.

One of the quickest ways to kill your motivation is to know too much before you sit down to type.

Having an outline can be helpful — until it isn’t. I rarely know exactly what I’ll write before I finish.

I may have a header that I follow as a guide, but for the most part, I am clueless. And this is fun.



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