10 exercises that make you more creative than 96% of people

Alex Mathers
3 min readMay 24


Creativity, which is one’s ability to make connections between ideas and bits of information, is becoming THE skill of the modern world.

Many will find themselves part of the burgeoning ‘knowledge economy,’ which greatly rewards creativity and productivity.

Setting ourselves apart from automated and robotic entities will also be vital; this is where creative skills will again set you apart.

But how can we hone our creative muscles and get great at creativity?

Here are some ideas for exercises you can do:

Mind mapping.

Visually laying out your ideas and how they connect to one another works so well because it aligns with how the brain makes connections via our neurons.

So by mind-mapping, you are tapping into our innate creativity and emphasising its power.

Word association.

This is where you identify a topic or theme and list out all the words you can think of that are associated with this topic.

You’re working out the part of your brain that scours and collects relevant information.

You can take this further and bring two random words or ideas together (or businesses, for example) and find new creative hybrids when two ideas or words are merged.

Free writing.

Give yourself time to explore your mind through the power of writing.

You don’t need to write anything specific.

Just let go and write whatever comes to mind.

This isn’t only for writers.

This can be a cathartic release and loosens you up for new insights that subsequently come to mind.

Doodling or sketching.

Studies show that people who doodle are often better at grasping new concepts, developing creative ideas and staying focused.

Drawing like this activates the creative part of the brain, so get doodling as an exercise to boost your thinking power.




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